Tears to Joy

Tears to Joy: March 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen!

When I was a little girl, getting a new Easter dress was a BIG deal! We had to have new shoes, new socks, and a matching hair bow. I remember learning that God made all things new and we wore new clothes to represent our new selves.

As I’ve matured, I realize that the outer clothes have little if anything to do with the newness offered by Christ. God is actively working to transform us from the inside out. Because of his resurrection, our old selves died, and we are brought to new life.

This year as you meditate on the goodness of the resurrection, take time to reflect on the changes Christ has wrought in your own life. I pray that we are all making progress – imperfect, yet progress.

To God be the glory!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Things aren't always as they appear

Last month at work, I grabbed a tube of chapstick out of my drawer. Just as I was about to put it on my lips, something caught my eye. Drawing back, I gasped. I wasn’t holding chapstick; I was holding a glue stick!!!

Now I’m notorious for doing stupid stuff, but I’m so glad that I caught myself before making this mistake.

Things aren’t always as they appear. We need to look so that we see, really see what is going on around us. A friend smiles and says she’s fine, when deep down she’s hoping you’ll ask her how she really is. When you ask your son what happened at school, he replies, “Nothing.” In your heart you know he’s hurting.

May we not be deceived by the Father of Lies, but may we see clearly. Pray and ask God to help you see the world the way he sees it.

Happy Sunday! (By the way, I’m getting married in 2 weeks!!!!!)

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Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday, I heard a pastor say, “Waiting time is not wasted time.” This really resonated with me. It seems like I’ve spent much of my life waiting. Waiting for answers. Waiting for guidance. Waiting for God’s timing. I don’t know about you, but I’m not too good at waiting.

Not too long ago I had to wait at the DMV to get my commercial driver’s license. I had already passed the test, and just needed to have my picture taken so I could get a new hard copy. So, I sat in the hard seat in the cold room and waited. And waited. And waited. Three hours later, my number was finally called. I felt like I had wasted half of my day waiting.

With God, waiting is never in vain. There is purpose and meaning in our times of waiting. Perhaps he is working on building our character before he answers our prayer for wisdom. Perhaps he is orchestrating something even greater than we could ever imagine while we wait. Sometimes in our hurry, we settle for less than God’s best. Ultimately, waiting is about trust. Do we really trust that God hears us and will come through for us?

A simple yes or no will often suffice, but all we hear is silence. Why is it that the silence is so deafening? I’d rather have no as an answer than wait in silence. Why? Because then I can develop a plan to move forward. The problem is that when I do this, I am making the plan, and not trusting God. The Bible tells us, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” I want God’s will more than I want my will.  

Many times, God’s will involves waiting. We can fight it, or we can trust him in the waiting. Which will you do?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Am I Satisfied by the Bread of Life?

Last night at church, our youth pastor taught on a passage I’ve not only read, but taught on many, many times, but something jumped out at me as I read it. We were reading about when Jesus fed the five thousand. The people experienced a miracle when Jesus turned the five loaves and two fish into a meal for 5000. However, their amazement didn’t last long.

The very next day, they sought Jesus out. They didn’t search for him because of who he was, but because they were hungry. They felt entitled to another miracle – more food.

We can be the same way. Several years ago, I was convicted of this in my own life. I realized that I had grown to love the gifts God had given to me more than I loved God himself. We need to guard against this. Any good gift that he gives should point us back to the goodness and graciousness of God.

We give our children gifts to express our love. While we hope that they will enjoy the gifts, we long even more that know how much we love them.

Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” In essence, part of what he was trying to communicate to the people is “I am The Gift. Find your satisfaction in me.” There is nothing greater than knowing Jesus. It’s the relationship that matters, not the gifts.

So, next time God doesn’t grant you your wish, ask yourself this question. Do I only love him when he gives me what I want or will I love him for who he is?


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life with Purpose Radio Interview

It's been a while since I last wrote, and I apologize for the delay. I am getting married in 26 days, and so much of my free time has been filled with wedding plans. I do want to share with you a recent radio interview I had with Life with Purpose Radio. I am convinced that the best way to defeat stigma is for people influenced by mental illness to discuss their struggles with others. This is why I continue to share my story, even as I begin the next chapter of my life.  You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

I pray that today is a great day for you! I pray that you will experience God's lavish love in a very real and personal way today. God bless you!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Need to Move It Move It!

Researchers suggests that exercise is important not only for our physical health, but for our mental health at all. Getting up and moving gets your endorphins moving which can help to eliminate depression. I've asked Elizabeth Dixon, the Wellness, Medical and Childcare Supervisor for Chick-fil-A Corporate Headquarters to share with us today. You can check out her website at /http://biteanelephant.com/

We all have our own perspectives on exercise. Some of us think the idea of sweating sounds awful. Others of us would not run unless a rabid animal was chasing us. While others of us are fanatics and can’t imagine a day without exercise. The reality is that in America, especially corporate America, most of us sit for the majority of the day. Our most active moments in the day include getting out of the car (where we were seated) to walk to our desks (so we can sit) and after awhile we get up to use the restroom (well...i guess ladies sit more than gentlemen) and then to get some lunch (again, most likely seated). As a result our daily routines cause us to burn fewer calories throughout the day than if we had active schedules. Mix this with eating more than our body needs and you get a perfect storm of low energy and added pounds. So what do we do about it? We eat smaller portions more often and we exercise most days of the week. This does not mean we have to go to a gym - it simply means we need to be active. Here is a list of ideas of how to incorporate activity into your schedule. Pick 1 and add it in this week:
1.         Pick up a sport - basketball, racquetball, ping pong, or tennis
2.         Family walk after dinner
3.         Take a few laps around the soccer field during your children’s practice
4.         Have a business meeting while walking the parking lot, or if you have a gym 
            nearby - have your meeting on the treadmills
5.         Follow up on voicemail, or a catch up phone call with a friend while you are
            on a walk
Ideally we need to be active 30 - 60 minutes (accumulated in the day, not necessarily consecutive) most days of the week.
What would the end of your day feel like if you had quality energy?